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.: Tourist Attraction of paraknam centre:.
Our Training Centre is a place for tourists to come and venture out . To see the manufacturing of various substances such as soaps and detergents as well as other household products.
Also the most important is the Agricultural background of farming and maintaining natural resourses of the land, under the influence of King Bhumibol Adulyadej philosophy.
We aim to provide suitable accommodtaion on the site so tourists can indulge in a relaxing atmosphere or join us if they wish to develop the land as a needful skill. Food is provided ( naturally the thai way) and meat and vegetables are widely available for consumption.
Many tourists do frequently visit Udon Thani Province as its well know as a pilgrimage centre.There are several ancient Buddhist caves and temples in this region known for their giant pagodas, sculptures of Lord Buddha and beautiful mural paintings.The rich culture and heritage of Udon Thani is evident in the annual Thung Is Muang Festival celebrated during December.
Our centre is approximately
55 / 10 Baan Nonghinthang, Nalao , Nawang, Nongbualamphu 39170 Thailand
Tel : +66 (0) 0833564997
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