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His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej had given a speech to guides about the sufficient economy since 50 years ago and has faith through this principle. But the policy of the government only about emphasize in the production for exporting in commercial ways is they grow rice and sale it and bring the money to buy rice when they don't have enough money they have to borrow money. It was running in this way all the time until Thais people fall in the liability situation. His Majesty realize about this problem, then gave a royal thought to built a rice bank, life animal banking to help people since then the sufficient economy project was set up. Before this even a small project in Phachaburi. His Majesty reiterate the government that they shouldn't bring in the heavy machine, he explain that if it comes to fast the people will leave their hoe, their shovel and their independent.
Since then His Majesty evolve the view to help the agricultural people so he set up the “New theory” in 1992 at development Watmongkolchaipatana area project from the royal thought at Saraburi to be an example of a farmland that manage the land and water resource in 30:30:30:10 are water resource and raise aquatic animals 30 rice field 30 farm plants 30 and the last 10 are the area to built house and raise animals.
After that His Majesty have gave more words for all the agriculturist, they have to be strong before producing for business or commercial by holding on the “New theory” three steps

First step – be sufficient, make a living in a economize foundation and decrease the expense.
Second step – make a group to produce, dealings, disposing including well-being, education and social development
Third step – make a network of business and enlarge the abundantly economic activity by asking for collaborate from a business section to help developing the private and government section in producing, disposing and information.

For the industry section, sufficient economy can be applied by emphasize in agricultural product continuously by not creating an oversize industry because if the industry is too big it means that we have to bring in the materials and technology form other country. We have to consider in things that we have in our own country. We have to help each other build our country strong. His majesty the king had initiate an economic system in sufficient way that help decrease the problem in importing materials by using our own materials in depending on each other in a group of business. This have happened since 20 years ago but everybody over look it, including the new evolution that came in the few years made Thai economy degrade

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